Unusual ballot box eaten at Central Election Commission’s HQ

Vladimir Churov, the head of the Russian Central Election Commission, treated those present at the commission’s headquarters with a ballot box made of Tula pryanik cakes on Sunday evening.

The unusual ballot box was made in Tula, which Churov visted earlier on Sunday to monitor elections in the region.

“I invite journalists and everyone else to break off [the box’s] pieces and eat them,” Churov said.

According to him, such boxes could be seen at all polling stations in Tula but they were not used for voting.

Two minutes after Churov’s proposal, only one side was left of the box as the rest was eaten by reporters, experts and observers working at the Central Election Commission’s press center.

Pryanik is a honey cake with a very long history, one of Tula’s main symbols together with samovars and weapons.


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