US Congress considering strike on Syria Putin

Russia News.Net
Wednesday 4th September, 2013

Moscow, Sep 4 (IANS/ITAR -TASS) Russian President Vladimir Putin said US Congress was considering the possibility of authorising aggression against Syria and termed this as “absolutely unacceptable”.

“We have focused on the fact that Congress and Senate are discussing the question of using force. But this is a downright substitution of common sense,” Putin said at a meeting of a human rights council Wednesday.

“According to international law, no congress in any country can authorise such actions. What are they authorising? They are authorising aggression because anything that is outside the UN Security Council is aggression.”

The president noted that this would not be aggression if it were a question of self defence.

“But Syria is not attacking the United States, as we all know, so this is not a question of self defence,” Putin said.

He believes that the American parliamentarians “are basically trying to legitimise aggression”.

“And we all have got glued to the TV screens waiting whether they will say yes or no. But there is something else to talk about, namely that this is unacceptable in principle,” Putin said.

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