Valuev ‘unaware’ of Klitschko’s plans to box vs. him in Kiev

Russia’s former WBA champion Nikolai Valuev denied receiving any proposals from Ukraine’s Klitschko brothers to hold a boxing match with WBC champion Vitali Klitschko in Kiev next year.

The head of the Klitschko brothers’ promoters K2 Promotions in Kiev said earlier that Vitali Klitschko, 40, might have a boxing match at the Olimpiisky arena in Kiev in 2012, and “Russian Nikolai Valuev will mostly likely” be his opponent.

“I have heard absolutely nothing about this intention of the Klitschko brothers’ promoters and have not received any proposals from them,” Valuev, 38, said over the phone.

When asked about Russian WBA champion Alexander Povetkin’s chances against American Cedric Boswell on December 3, Valuev said his stakes were on Povetkin.

“I am sure that Alexander will win because he is now in a very good shape,” he said.

Valuev has scored 50 victories in professional boxing (34 knockouts) and lost twice in score. Elder Klitschko brother Vitali has won 43 matches, and lost two (both knockouts).


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