VSMPO-AVISMA is placing its bets on mini-mills

VSMPO-AVISMA is placing its bets on mini-mills

19.02.2013 — News


VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, OJSC continues to optimize its production. The corporation plans to turn the main forging units at the Verkhnaya Salda business into mini-mills, which will simplify the logistics of the production process and increase the output of products that are the result of advanced processing.

The corporation’s press office told RusBusinessNews that the needed amount of the investment will be determined by the end of winter 2013. The largest expenses will be the construction of a warehouse for the production.

It is estimated that the mini-mills project will make it possible for VSMPO to reach a production capacity of 36 thousand tons in 2015, and to manufacture 41 thousand tons of titanium goods in 2017.




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