Water World fair… splash out on luxuries!

Watersports enthusiasts flocked to the outskirts of Moscow to bag a bargain or two this weekend. Yachts and speed boats are changing hands at the annual marine fair, where wannabe sailors can buy or sell used vessels.

­The Water World, as the event taking place July 7-10 on the outskirts of Moscow is called, is trying to show all the fun you can have on the water in Russia.

According to RT correspondent Tom Barton, there are three types of people who have come to enjoy the event.

The first are luxury shoppers – they have come to look at, to try out and may be even to buy boats. The price tags begin at 500,000 euros, and from the inside the boats really are luxurious. The second have come for leisurely fun. They want to relax next to the water, drink cocktails in the sun – and watch the third group of people at Water World, those taking part in watersports, including competitive wakeboarding and surfing events.

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