Young agrarians present promising projects at int’l agrarian forum.

1/8 Tass 195a

ULYANOVSK, August 1 (Itar-Tass) —— An international forum of rural youth devoted to sustainable development of rural districts in the modern world opened here on Sunday.

“The forum, which is held for the first time, brought together representatives from 51 regions of all federal districts of the country,” Chairperson of the Central Council of the Russian Union of Rural Youth Olga Platoshina told Itar-Tass.

The agrarians from 11 countries, including Belarus and Bulgaria, Germany and Poland, Italy and China arrived in Ulyanovsk. “We are surprised with the scale of Russia, we will see working and intellectual Russia at the forum,” Rural Youth Europe Chairperson Michael Schwab said.

“Not only the leaders of all-Russian and regional youth organizations, young scientists, but also farmers, members of rural cooperatives, even seasonal workers are participating in the forum. They raise major harvests by their own efforts, run exemplary highly profitable farms and, therefore, their experience is particularly valuable,” the director of the department for youth policy of the Ulyanovsk Region, Sergei Terekhin, who is a member of the organizing committee at the forum, told reporters on Sunday.

On the first day of the forum a project presented by candidate of technical sciences from Volgograd Renat Sharipov evoked a special interest. He invented and produced a harvester for collecting technical crops. This only operating model of Renatov’s harvester has the electronic control system, special bunkers, the original driving system, which are protected with the patents. The harvester keeps carefully not only the sorghum grain, but also the stems of the plants.

The Russian Agriculture Ministry, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Russian Union of Rural Youth and the government of the Ulyanovsk Region organized the Ulyanovsk forum. The international forum of rural youth is held for the first time. The forum will last until August 6.

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