­Orbital to chime in Moscow DJ-set

The spirit of a true rave is going to reveal itself in Moscow this weekend as Orbital, the long-lived British techno act, is set to play their pumping DJ-set.

The project, known for their collaborations with such stars as Moby and Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, has been active for some 15 years up to 2005. The techno-brothers recorded nine albums and released numerous singles in that period, scoring international fame.

The duo, brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, emerged on the electronic and dance music scene in the late 1980s, when underground rave culture was in full swing. Young people across the States and the UK began to create dance music of electronic sounds. The Orbital brothers were among these acts, and made their first recording on their father’s cassette deck.

Wide acclaim came to Orbital in 1994 with their appearance as headliners at Glastonbury, a British performing arts festival best known for its contemporary music. The rising rave-stars won the hearts of electronic and dance music lovers with their improvisations on stage.

The project was revived in 2009 to please their fans across the world. Now they are heading to fire up Moscow’s ravers.

The DJ-set will be held at Moscow’s Gaudi Arena on August 26.

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