‘Russian opposition simply lacks people’

Less than a week before Russians elect a new parliament, political analysts share their forecasts and opinions with RT.

As the elections loom closer, so is the end of electioneering. November 28 is the last day when the Russian media is allowed to publish poll results indicating voters’ preferences.

A poll carried out by the Interfax news agency says United Russia is likely to retain its parliamentary majority, but will lose its constitutional majority status.

The All-Russian Public Opinion Centre polls predicts United Russia is set to get between 55-58% of votes, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation 16-19%, the Liberal Democratic Party 11-14% and Fair Russia 6.5-9.5%.

Three more parties registered to take part in the elections – the Yabloko Party, Just Cause and the Patriots of Russia – polled less than the 5% minimum they would need to win seats.

Allies of the leading party say the optimistic forecast is the best possible option for both United Russia and the country.

“The main legacy of United Russia will be political stability and economic growth,” Sergey Markov, director of Institute for Political Research, told RT. “If they stay in power, social justice will be their priority. As a result, the party will have to change itself too.”

But journalist and political commentator Sergey Strokan told RT that United Russia is currently resting on its laurels.

“The party was set up 10 years ago, and it made a really impressive start…it capitalised on the vast popularity of Vladimir Putin. After that, they relaxed a bit. That’s the same problem as that of the Russian opposition: they prefer to criticise rather than do, thus avoiding responsibility.”

Political analysts agree that there is no real alternative to United Russia.

“The opposition is not actually capable of leading – they don’t have the leadership that could take over United Russia’s power,” Evgeny Kasevin, from the Kifir Finance Markets Players’ Club, told RT.

Dmitry Polikanov, a United Russia member, told RT that even if the opposition wins the election, it will simply lack the professionals to rule the country.

“We have analysed their human resources potential,” Polikanov said. “They will not have enough people to form a capable government ensuring that the entire system of power works.”

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