‘UK has nothing to be optimistic about’

The British PM has called for a ‘can-do’ optimism during an ‘anxious time’ for the UK economy. And though the speech sounded optimistic, Gavin Hayes of Compass pressure group told RT Britain is not in a position to rejoice.

­“People all across Britain will be quickly coming to realize that David Cameron is an out-of-touch prime minister and that we have a see-nothing and do-nothing government. The people are very worried about the economy and the prime minister’s lack of a plan B for the economy,” the general secretary of left-wing pressure group Compass stated.

“In his speech today Cameron failed to allude to any plan B for the UK economy. He also talked about the need for people to pay off their credit card debts. On this he also seems entirely out of touch with the British people as millions struggle to make ends meet every month,” he added.

According to Hayes, people in the UK are struggling with simple necessities let alone paying their debts or even saving a little bit for the future.

“And the prime minister talked about the needs to pay off debt for future generations, yet failed to say his government in the last year has imposed future generations with £9,000 in university tuition fees,” he maintained.

Hayes also notes that the most disappointing fact about Cameron’s speech is that there was no focus on those people at the top who caused the economic crisis in the first place.

“Big banks that busted not just the UK economy, but the world economy caused the crisis. And we heard absolutely nothing in Cameron’s speech about the need to reform the banking system and crack down on Britain’s big banks,” he said.

Moreover, Hayes stated the huge mass protests triggered by the awful state of the economy  that are taking place in Greece and the US today may well happen in Britain.

“This is a phenomenon that is not just going to happen in Greece or in America. It will happen all over the world and it will not be surprising if it happens in the UK,” he concluded.

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