‘US unable to do anything about Iran’

Dr Seyed Mohammad Marandi from Tehran University says IAEA sanctions do not have any effect on Iran but do expose US weakness on the issue.

“They’ve imposed sanctions on the Iranian oil ministry for years now, and the Iranians continue to develop oil and gas fields, they continue to develop a petro-chemical industry, and I don’t think there is going to be any change whatsoever,” he said.

According to Marandi, the resolution issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors reveals the influence that the US has on the organisation.

“Basically what [IAEA is] doing is showing the American hand and how Americans are really unable to do anything about Iran,” he declared.

Marandi says that the majority of Iranians believe that the strength of the US is weakening, on both political and economic levels.

“We see that in a statement issued by the board, it did not contain any major elements that the Americans were seeking,” he said.

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