Al Fresco dining in Moscow: RT’s guide

Whether you want to kick back with a quiet cocktail at the end of a workday or plan a hot night out on the town, Moscow has the perfect verandas to help you to make the most out of your summer.

­Dodo – quiet summer terrace

The cozy café on Petrovka Street opened in August 2010, but because of the heavy smog Muscovites were only able to start appreciating it this summer.

The place has five tasty and quite filling breakfast options, priced at around 400 rubles. The menu includes fresh fruits and berries, pancakes and omelets, as well as porridge with some unusual toppings, including mango and whiskey.

While open-air eating is available in Moscow on roofs, in courtyards and out on the street, Dodo’s creative design combines all three of these options. The courtyard is protected from the street by surrounding buildings.

So if you want to have your breakfast in the quiet (from 10am till 3pm), Dodo should be your number one choice.

Make sure you are not in a rush when you come here – the quiet setting will make you too relaxed to hurry.

­At Karlsson’s roof

Talking of lunch, why not try the summer terrace at Karlsson’s, “A Restaurant of Unusual Prices”?

Just like its eccentric motor-propelled namesake, it also lives on the rooftop – on the 14th floor of a high-rise near Novokuznetskaya.

The décor is all about Karlsson as well, with jars of sweets all over the place and waiters dressed in blue jumpsuits.

The most “unusual” thing about its prices is that none of them have zeros. Add a few up and you can expect to spend around 1,700 rubles per person. Magnificent views of Moscow will probably sweeten the bitter pill.

­Caucasian cuisine and living rabbits

For a family dinner, head to Elardzhi near Kropotkinskaya metro. It serves Caucasian cuisine, though there’s nothing Caucasian about the restaurant’s interior.

While adults are enjoying their wine and homemade-quality Georgian cooking, the kids will not be bored, as the owners keep rabbits and goats on the summer terrace. It has also enough space to play badminton and a bunch of board games.

­Cucumber lemonade and Moskva River views

If you have not yet discovered what is arguably Moscow’s most popular summer terrace, Strelka Bar, it is high time for you to check out what is on their menu.

For example, go for some cucumber lemonade, one of their specialties. Keep in mind that the quality of service may vary, though.

Strelka Bar is part of the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design. It hosts a whole bunch of events, from public talks to ping-pong tournaments.

For a full Red October experience, head to the Gypsy Bar and a stunning view of the Moskva River.

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