Boozed-up foreign workers in punch-up with police

Dozens of foreign workers have clashed with local security guards in Russia’s Far East following a booze ban in dorms.

Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz and Turkish builders were hired for the construction work at the international APEC forum on Russky Island in Primorye Region. They attacked one of the guards confiscated the pass of a drunken builder.

The foreign worker became angry and called for his friends. Together they started beating the guard until a rapid response police team arrived on the scene.

Their appearance did not stop the builders who injured several officers and damaged several of their cars by throwing stones at them.

Local prosecutors are currently investigating the case.

With the increasing number of migrants, ethnic conflicts – both major and minor – have often broke out in different parts of Russia.

One of the most high-profile demonstrations took place on Moscow’s Manezh Square back in December 2010.

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