Creators of ‘Silent World’ get rid of all residents

Avant-garde photographers known as Lucie and Simon have ‘kidnapped’ thousands of people from the buzzing streets of New York, Paris and Beijing to show what the world’s most densely populated cities would look like desolate and deserted.

­For their ‘Silent World’ series, the award-winning duo used the same technology NASA uses to explore the stars.

Tian′anmen square (image from
Tian’anmen square (image from

­The artists picked iconic sites as the Place de la Concorde and Montparnasse; New York’s Madison Square Garden and Wall Street; Beijing railway station as well as Tiananmen Square.

Usually packed with people, the cities received the ‘Apocalypse Now’ treatment by Lucie and Simon, whose images focus on the raw industrial beauty of the heavily populated capitals stripped of the human presence.

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