Dangerous maneuvering, overload cause cutter wreck – police.

31/7 Tass 190

MOSCOW, July 31 (Itar-Tass) —— Dangerous maneuvering and overload are the main causes of a cutter’s collision with a barge in the Moskva River last night, a police source told Itar-Tass.

“There is a number of main theories, among them sailing along the fairway, overload – the number of passengers was much larger than the norm, and dangerous maneuvering,” he said.

The source said though that the cutter documentation was in order.

“The law permitted the registration of the cutter in Chukotka,” he said. “The owner is free to register a small ship either in the place of one’s residence or in the place of its basing.”

It is permitted to undergo technical checks in any place, too. The technical worthiness certificate is issued for the navigation season, he said.

The sunken cutter was registered and passed technical examination in May 2011, the source said. “Documentation was checked five or six times, and three administrative charges were brought – two for anchoring in a prohibited place and one for overloading the cutter [one extra person onboard],” he said.

All these violations are minor and do not imply the revocation of a shipping license.

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