Dog Sledding in Moscow With Russia’s Shamans

SOSNY (Joy Neumeyer, The Moscow News) – Standing on the back of a sled, the dog team driver urged a pack of six Huskies around a corner. “To the right, to the right!” he yelled, avoiding a topple as the dogs rounded the curve just in time. Nearby, a woman in animal skins beat time as she sang a chant of the Chukchi, an indigenous people native to Russia’s Far North.

But this wasn’t near the Arctic Ocean; it was 20 kilometers outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Dog sledding, throat singing and sampling reindeer meat are just another Sunday at Husky Land, an ethno-cultural complex located in the village of Sosny. Its mission is to bring northern native culture to the Moscow region – first and foremost, through the park’s furry namesake.

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