Drunken captain sends four tourists to their deaths

Soon after the Bulgaria tragedy, another aquatic accident has shaken Russia.

It happened when a 33-year-old sailor took a group of tourists out on a motor-boat in Siberia’s Altay region.

While drunk, he drove the boat at high speed and it began tilting to one side. The passengers repeatedly asked him to slow down, but he refused. Then the boat capsized and began to sink.

Four of the tourists are still missing; rescuers are continuing to search for them.

The captain and eight other passengers spent half an hour in cold water before they were rescued by emergency crews.

When the captain was back on land, he fled, but police managed to capture him later.

The incident comes soon after an overloaded pleasure cruiser sank on the Volga in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The tragedy came as a shock to the nation, as 89 people (among them 19 children) have been officially confirmed dead and dozens bodies remain trapped underwater – 30 to 40 of them are children.

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