Duma to Target American Rights Violators

MOSCOW, December 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s lower house of parliament will debate a draft law this week targeting Americans who have violated the human rights of Russians, including adopted children.

These measures would be part of a “completely new law,” a source in the state Duma told RIA Novosti on Monday.

A draft law was previously presented to the Duma proposing measures including economic and visa sanctions or deportation from Russia of those who have violated Russians’ rights.

This follows the US Senate’s passing of the “Magnitsky List” on December 6 targeting people who are alleged to have been involved in the death in custody of Sergei Magnitsky in Moscow in 2009.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, described the US law on Monday as “an anti-Russian prank” and urged Russian deputies to retaliate. “I’m sure the Federal Assembly will respond.”

Duma foreign affairs committee head Alexei Pushkov has already said that most Duma deputies support a firm response to the passage of the “Magnitsky List.”

Russia introduced a ban on some US meat imports on December 9 but maintained that this development was unrelated to the Magnitsky bill passed in the US.

Russia has responded robustly to the maltreatment of Russian foster children by their adoptive parents in the US.

A new agreement between the two nations regulating adoptions came into force in November providing “better safeguards for adoptive children” and defining the “interests and obligations of the adoptive parents,” according to the US Embassy.

Tens of thousands of Russian children have been adopted by Americans since 1991. At least 15 are known to have died due to abuse by their adoptive parents.

In one notorious incident in 2010, American foster mother Torry Hansen sent her Russian foster son back to Russia alone by plane, with a note asking the authorities to take him back.


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