Earnings from E-Russia project spent for stated purposes – Rostelecom

KALUGA, August 31 (Itar-Tass) —— All earnings received from the E-Russia project were spent for the stated purposes, Rostelecom said on Wednesday, August 31.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office said it had exposed a theft of 300 million roubles under the project.

Rostelecom disagreed and said the conclusions were hasty because the documents requested by the Prosecutor General’s Office had been transferred to it on Friday, August 26, while a report on their transfer to the Investigation Committee appeared one working day later.

Rostelecom also stressed that “the implementation of governmental contracts has been repeatedly examined by various audit bodies that did not find any serious violations”.

“All works stated in the specifications were performed; all finished systems were commissioned and certified and are operating in full compliance with the terms of the contract,” the company said.

It said that all purchases were made in accordance with Russian legislation, and tender procedures “are fully consistent with the world practice used for purchasing high-tech equipment and software”.

Big Russian companies certified as distributors and partners of world market leaders competed in Rostelecom’s tenders.

The company also said that the prices used for governmental contracts are coordinated with the Ministry of Mass Communications, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Finance Ministry and examined by independent experts.


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