Employees ‘Forced’ to Go to New Year Party

MOSCOW, December 12 (RIA Novosti) – Almost 50 percent of Russian company employees do not want to go to New Year’s corporate parties, but more than 26 percent of them are forced to go anyway, a recent poll says.

Some 30 percent acknowledged they felt pressure from their bosses to go, even if they are not told so outright but only reminded of unwritten corporate rules they have to follow, the survey conducted by the HeadHunter company said.

The most common reason employees dislike corporate parties is because they are unable to relax in the presence of their colleagues and bosses (37 percent), while one in three hate to see their co-workers intoxicated.

“About 9 percent of respondents admitted attendance at a corporate party is a must at their company,” the poll said, adding that failure to attend could result in an official reprimand or even a fine.

The poll was conducted between December 4 and 11 among 3,403 employees whose companies will throw a New Year’s party.


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