Energy Company Says Lenfilm Is Bankrupt

Energy Company Says Lenfilm Is Bankrupt

Published: November 14, 2012 (Issue # 1735)

A local energy company has filed a lawsuit in the city’s arbitration court claiming that Lenfilm is bankrupt because it can’t pay up around 2 million rubles ($63,000) that it owes for energy use.

In September, the arbitration court upheld the rights of state-owned Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg, which covers around 40 percent of the city’s thermal-energy needs, to recover energy-supply debts from the studio over a contract totaling 1.35 million rubles, RIA-Novosti reported.

No date has yet been set for looking at the new lawsuit, and the film studio’s managers remain optimistic about resolving the matter.

The companies came to an agreement on the unpaid bills in September, so the lawsuit could have been filed because the energy company’s lawyers were confused about the previous debt, Lenfilm’s director Eduard Pichugin told the news agency.

“The claim over the bankruptcy of Lenfilm is a misunderstanding, and we hope to resolve the issue today and expect that the lawsuit will be withdrawn,” Pichugin said.

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