Far East’s anti-terrorist protection not enough

VLADIVOSTOK, August 9 (Itar-Tass) —— About 60 percent of the Far East’s objects where many people may be are not provided with means of protection from terror crimes, and the region’s level of anti-terror protection does not answer the requirements for the present situation, Head of Russia’s National anti-terrorist committee /NAC/ Alexander Bortnikov told the committee’s meeting in the Far East, where one of the topics is security of APEC.

In the Far East, there are many crucial and potentially dangerous enterprises, major objects of transport infrastructure and other places where many people may be, he said.

“Despite the work to improve security measures, undertaken by authorities, owners and management of enterprises, the actual level of anti-terror protection does not answer the requirements for the situation in the region,” he said. “Only 40 percent places in the region where many people may be have security equipment, while regional and municipal budgets allocate annually only not more than 15-20 percent of the funds they had planned.”

The committee is concerned about anti-terrorist protection of major retail complexes and markets, Bortnikov siad.

“Though most of them are private, and developing companies make profits there, they still have not provided sufficient security measures,” he explained.

He called for additional attention to organisation of anti-terror measures of transport objects, enterprises with dangerous production cycles, objects and territories for mass events.

“During construction and preparations of objects for the summit, organisation of their anti-terror protection should be controlled permanently by the NAC and the Maritime Territory’s Operative Headquarters,” he said. “It is necessary to see to it that all previous orders and security requirements are followed.”


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