Foreign companies must obey Russian law – Medvedev

Russia will not allow transnational corporations coming to the country to ignore Russian labor law, President Dmitry Medvedev assured trade union leaders at a meeting on Thursday.

The trade unions are concerned over the possible consequences of Russia’s accession into the World Trade Organization.

“There are fears that large transnational corporations that come to Russia will ignore Russian labor law,” Medvedev said, as cited by Itar-Tass. “I can say only one thing: we will not let this happen, it is impossible.”

The president added that the process should be monitored. “All foreign companies will work in Russia only if they comply with our labor law,” the president stressed.

At the same time, Medvedev noted, it often happens that foreign businesses are more law-abiding than the local ones since they are used to observing the law.

Back in 2009, Russia ratified the European Social Charter – a Council of Europe treaty which guarantees social and economic human rights. The charter obliges Russia to bring its laws on social policy up to European standards, Medvedev said, adding that it will certainly be done.

According to the president, amendments to the law and bringing it up to world standards would serve to better protection Russian citizens. “I am sure that trade unions will contribute to that,” he added.

Medvedev reminded those in attendance that last year, Russia ratified four conventions of the International Labour Organization. There are now plans to submit 15 more important documents to the government, including the convention on paid educational leave, the convention concerning the termination of employment at the initiative of the employer, among others.

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