FSB Opens $250,000 Arctic Uniform Tender

MOSCOW, December 3 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has opened a tender for the design and manufacture of special clothing and footwear for its Arctic frontier guards.

The maximum price for the contract is 7.4 million rubles (about $250,000), according to the government procurements web portal.

The clothing should provide camouflage, concealment and protection against cold, high humidity and winds of more than 15 meters a second, rain, sticky snow, UV rays and bright sun, the tender announcement says.

It should also be resistant to the impact of sea water and ensure high mobility and freedom of movement in a harsh climate.

The set specification includes a heated vest, heated boots and gloves.

Footwear should also “meet high esthetic standards” in design, form, type of material, color and decoration, the document says.

Bids are accepted until December 24 and the winner (or winners) will be announced on December 26 this year.

By 2020 Russia is to deploy a combined-arms force to protect its political and economic interests in the Arctic, including military, border, and coastal guard units that will boost Russia’s military security.


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