Gérard Depardieu goes Russian: caption competition

Last week, Gérard Depardieu flew to Sochi in Russia where he was greeted by Vladimir Putin. Depardieu has joined a select band of people claiming Russian citizenship – in his case, because he didn’t want to pay the 75% rate of tax imposed by François Hollande on millionaires.

Yesterday Depardieu travelled to Saransk in the Mordovia Republic, 438 miles south-east of Moscow, where he enjoyed a traditional greeting, donned Russian folk garb and showed off his new passport. According to the Voice of Russia, he then visited places of local interest, including a monument to Yemelyan Pugachov, the leader of the Cossack Rebellion back in the 18th century, whom Depardieu apparently wants to play.

It is doubtful that Depardieu visited the other local landmarks – the Stalin-era gulags, in one of which Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot is currently serving her prison sentence.

So how would you caption this picture of the newly Russified French film star? Please post your thoughts below.

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