Historama, August 29

Start of the atomic race that turned into the World’s Day aainst Nuclear Weapons and Peter the Great’s hatred of beards that ended up in horror for Russia’s nobility made this day in Russian history.

­Nuclear race between USSR and US blasts off

On this day in 1949, the USSR became the world’s second country to test a nuclear bomb.

Legend has it that Stalin had been envious of the US nuclear test conducted four years before and local engineers rushed to please the Soviet leader just in time for his birthday.

The test marked the start of the nuclear race between the two emerging superpowers.

August 29 is now the international day against nuclear weapons.

­A close shave for Russian nobility

On this day in 1698, Tsar Peter the Great banned beards in the Russian royal court.

Prior to that, beards were deemed an integral part of the appearance of all men in the country.

Tsar Peter decided to turn the country into a European empire – and started with looks. Style and clothing guidelines appeared soon after.

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