Hormone Hitler: MI5 plot to feminize Führer

British spies conspired to feminize Germany’s WWII dictator to make him less aggressive in an operation that could have become one of the most exotic plots in the history of the 20th century.

MI5 agents working close enough to Adolf Hitler plotted to smuggle estrogen into his food, writes Professor Brian Ford, a fellow at Cardiff University and a pioneer of popular science, as cited by The Telegraph newspaper on Sunday.

Estrogen was said to be chosen because it was tasteless and would have a slow and subtle effect, meaning it would pass Hitler’s food testers unnoticed.

“Hitler had testers who used to taste his meals, so there was no mileage in putting poison in his food because they would immediately fall victim to it,” Professor Ford told the newspaper.

The estrogen plan, however, remained only in its creators’ imagination and on papers which lately came declassified.

In his newly published study “Secret Weapons: Technology, Science and the Race to Win World War II”, Prof. Ford outlines many other bizarre scams the British intelligence was working on during the Second World War.

These included dropping glue on Nazi troops to stick them to the ground and masking bombs in tins of fruit imported to the Third Reich. Agents plotted to drop boxes with snakes to poison the rival troops as well.

All these top secret details that have been unearthed lately demonstrate the inclination of the British agents towards cutting-edge biological and technological advancements of the time.  

Professor Ford’s book is to be published in September.

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