Hydrochloric acid pumped out from leaking tank in Irkutsk region

IRKUTSK, August 22 (Itar-Tass) —— Hydrochloric acid was successfully pumped out from a leaking tank in the Irkutsk Region, a source in the regional emergencies department said.

“The pumping of hydrochloric acid to a backup tank was over at 9.16 p.m. Moscow time. The contaminated area is being deactivated,” the emergencies department said in a report posted on its website on Monday.

A new tank with hydrochloric acid is being attached to the train to go to the railway station Dzemgi (the Amur Region), the source added.

No threat exists for life-supporting facilities.

The emergency tank was spotted in Ust-Kut on Sunday in the examination of the train with 56 wagons en route from Bratsk to the railway station Dzemgi. Some evaporation was noticed in the tank, which contained hydrochloric acid. The tank was disconnected from the train and brought to the dead end siding.


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