‘I’m a curious singer’ – Bruno Pelletier

RT spoke with French-Canadian crooner, Bruno Pelletier, known as “The Golden Voice of Quebec.”

Star of musicals such as “Notre Dame de Paris” and “Dracula,” Pelletier is widely known as a singer who can do anything.

“I’m a curious guy – I don’t like to be in a box,” the musician said. “When I did rock music, it was about my curiosity at the time. After that I wanted to try something more classical, so worked with the Montreal symphonic orchestra. Then I wanted to try jazz, so I formed a trio with some friends.”

Pelletier told RT it is quite difficult to be in the music business with that kind of attitude.

“Everybody wants you to do always the same thing that all people know,” he said. “Some of fans are still talking to me about long hair I was wearing twelve years ago. But the real fans don’t care – they follow. Though they are also honest and can say anything to me.”

Although Pelletier has tried himself in almost all possible musical genres, he still has one dream that has yet to come true.

“I would like to sing a song for a movie,” the singer told RT. “It’s the thing that I haven’t done. I would like to create an original song for a movie in Quebec, France or Russia. And maybe play in a movie, too.”

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