India Frees Russian Ship After 2 Years

NEW DELHI, December 17 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian research vessel that had been arrested in India for two years has been released, the Russian consul to Mumbai said on Monday.

The Akademik Boris Petrov has already left the port of Mumbai and is on its way to a service base, consul Alexei Novikov said.

“The ship has been in India for about two years. It was arrested over a lawsuit from its Indian agent,” he said.

“On December 10, the High Court of Mumbai ruled to lift the arrest and on December 13 the vessel left Mumbai.”

The Akademik Boris Petrov had been conducting research off the Goa coast when, two years ago, its Indian agent claimed that the Russian Academy of Sciences’ V. I. Vernadsky Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry Institute, which owned the ship, had not made the contract payment. The vessel was then arrested.

The Vernadsky Institute will go to an appeals court after reviewing the paperwork in Moscow.


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