Inflow of direct foreign investments in Ukraine in 2010 grows 35%-pres

KIEV, August 27 (Itar-Tass) —— The inflow of direct foreign investments in Ukraine grew by 35 percent in 2010, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said in an interview with the US business daily Wall Street Journal.

“As of today, I witness the modern and dynamically developing country where small entrepreneurship, people’s creative potential is growing, and where the market is coming back to the previous level of development after the heavy slump,” Viktor Yanukovich said. “My aim is to gradually make Ukraine a full member of the European Union.”

The Ukrainian president specially noted that “more flexible integration with Europe and the West is a key to the Ukrainian people’s prosperity, development of natural and human resources.” “I believe that Ukraine has a huge potential and may play a successful role in the European economy,” Viktor Yanukovich said.

“Ukraine’s partnership with the West exceeds the limits of economic and strategic interests,” Viktor Yanukovich stressed. “It also means a common system of values and adherence to democracy, human rights and universal peace. We should point separately to our common with Europe interest in friendly sport competitions.”

The Ukrainian head of state also paid attention to the issue of mutual relations with partners from Russia. “We should focus on the improvement of ties with our neighbours from Russia,” Viktor Yanukovich said. “It’s time to go ahead, putting the issue of regional peace to the first place. If we manage to achieve this, it will benefit both Ukraine and Russia, as well as all Europe.

In conclusion the Ukrainian president said that “in the atmosphere of uncertainty in the whole world and competition of geostrategic interests mutual relations between Europe and Ukraine begin playing an ever more important role.” “Ukraine needs Europe. I hope to witness my country’s joining Europe,” the Ukrainian head of state said. “We cannot achieve this aim alone and urge our European friends to support our interests.”

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