Israel President Says Russia Can Help Mideast Peace

Russia can make a decisive contribution to achieving peace in the Middle East, Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has arrived in Israel on a two-day Middle East tour warned about the unacceptability of “rewriting” history.

“We will not allow executioners to be put on par with their victims and distort the truth,” Putin said

The Israeli President said that Russia’s history meant that it would be keen to avoid bloodshed in neighbouring Syria.

“I’m sure that Russia, which has prevailed over Nazism, will not allow a repetition of such threats… and will ensure an end to the bloodshed in Syria.”

Welcoming Putin at a ceremony unveiling a monument to the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany Peres highlighted the lessons of the past, and said the visit of the Russian leader was fortuitous.

“You’ve come just at the right time,” Peres said,

“This visit is a warning to those who want to trample on human dignity again. We won’t allow that,” Peres added.


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