Jamahiriya green flag hauled down from Libyan Embassy in Moscow

MOSCOW, August 25 (Itar-Tass) — The green flag of Jamahiriya has been hauled down from the Libyan Embassy in Moscow.

The tricolour flag of the Transitional National Council has not hoisted yet.

The embassy’s staff declined to elaborate.

The Libyan Embassy in Moscow upholds the Transitional National Council, Libyan consul Ali Abu Bakr said on Thursday.

“We support the February 17 revolution. We back the opposition and express people’s wishes,” he stressed.

At this time several countries, including Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belarus and Turkey, have handed over the Libyan embassies to the Transitional National Council. The embassy’ s staff replaced the Libyan Jamahiriya green flag with the PNS tricolour flag.


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