Khrunichev centre’s production grows by almost four times

MOSCOW, August 4 (Itar-Tass) —— Over five years, sales volume of the State Space Scientific Production Centre named after Khrunichev /SCRMC/ increased by almost 4 times, the enterprise’s Director General Vladimir Nesterov said on Friday.

He recalled that in 2010 the centre’s rockets were launched 15 times, including the “Proton-M” – 12 times, “Rokot” – two times, and “Kosmos-3M” – one time.

“Thus, taking into account the booster for the Indian rocket and the first stage of the South Korean missile the centre made 17 launches, which accounted for 48 percent of Russia’s all launches, – he said. – It made 73 percent of the lift capacity.”

Speaking on the share of the centre in the world launches, Nesterov said that it makes 23 percent, in the lift capacity – more than one-third. Speaking about the results of the Khrunichev over the past 5 years, Nesterov said that “in 2010 sales volume made 37 billion roubles, while back in 2005 it was only ten billion roubles.” Referring to forecasting sales over 2011, Nesterov said that it difficult to make them, because “as some space vehicles are not ready, we had to reschedule launches for the second half of the year.”

Nesterov said that while creating an integrated structure based on the centre, the Khrunichev invested 10.5 billion roubles of own funds to cover losses of enterprises it united.

“In 2009, we received a government grant in the amount of eight billion roubles, thereby partially compensated for our losses,” – he said.

According to Nesterov, over the current year “earnings yield in commercial programs will give the state 785 million dollars, and only since 1994 the state has received from the centre’s activities 6.4 billion dollars.”



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