Kiev court refuses to meet petition to release Timoshenko

KIEV, August 16 (Itar-Tass) — Judge of Kiev’s Pechora district court Rodion Kireyev on Tuesday refused to meet the petition by Yulia Timoshenko’s daughter Eugenia to release her mother.

Kireyev explained the decision after a break. The petition calling for Timoshenko’s release does not contain new circumstances which would induce the court to set the former prime minister free, Kireyev said.

The petition was filed by Timoshenko’s daughter Eugenia Carr.

“My mother’s life and freedom depends on your decision, so I ask to support the petition for my mother’s release,” she said, “in addition, people will see that the court operates and acts within the framework of freedoms and human rights.”

Timoshenko’s lawyer Yuri Sukhov asked the court to attach several new statements requesting bail.

Her present actions show that she cooperates in ascertaining the truth and does not obstruct the court, only allowing herself certain emotional statements which are natural to any person, the lawyer said.

After the court turned down the petition, Timoshenko’s daughter left the courtroom, Kireyev said.

Energy Minister Yuri Boiko testified within the gas case against Timoshenko at the Pechora court on Tuesday.


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