Life can exist on edge of black hole – astrophysicist

Black holes could become humanity’s salvation after the sun ceases to exist, Russian astrophysicist Vyacheslav Dokuchaev told RT.

“Our sun will not live forever – it will live for approximately a few billion years,” Dokuchaev said. “After that, heat production will stop. Our descendants will have to go to another place in the world – to the galactic center, where there are huge black holes.”

Dokuchaev explained that living inside black holes is quite similar to living outside.

“We only need the orbits that have existed for quite a long time and that do not have a problem with tidal forces,” the astrophysicist told RT. “The tidal forces are less if you are living inside a black hole of a bigger mass. If you construct your house inside the center of the galaxy, there will be no problem.”

Dokuchaev agrees that the idea could be subject to criticism in the scientific community, as the prediction is not easy to verify.

“Going inside a black hole is a one-way ticket,” Dokuchaev told RT. “We are not discussing human civilization traversing the black-hole horizon. We are speaking about our civilization a million years from now. Who knows what will happen with us in a million years? Our descendants may not be biological at all.”

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