LiveJournal Launches Blog Monetization Tool

LiveJournal has launched a tool enabling users to earn money from their blogs by advertising other blogs or journals, country manager for Russia Ilya Dronov said on Tuesday.

The service, called journalpromo, will now be available to any user, he said.

A journal or blog owner will be paid in LJ local currency, LJ tokens for promoting other blogs.

During the trial period, the service will charge two percent of placement costs. This rate will change in the future.

LJ tokens can be converted into rubles or dollars only with the help of outside brokers. Direct LJ conversion will not be available until next year.

The new tool replaces Your Journal – Your Money service supported by Google AdSense that closed this past May. The service was only available to LiveJournal users with paid accounts.

LiveJournal is one of the world’s most used community publishing platforms. It has a worldwide monthly audience of 30 million of whom 5 million are based in Russia.


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