MAKS 2011 throws open its doors to public

The MAKS-2011 is continuing into a third day. After two days of private viewing, the exhibition has thrown open its doors to the public this morning.

­The show’s first 48 hours were devoted primarily to official delegations and corporate clients,  with multibillion-dollar contracts being inked by civil and military manufacturers from Russia and across the world.

The weather has smiled on the show and the skies are clear. There is a great day out in store with plenty to interest all comers.

The line-up includes the latest Airbus A380 jumbo jet alongside Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 medium-range passenger aircraft, and the TU-160 strategic bomber known as the White Swan.

Non-stop aerobatic stunts are being performed by teams from across the world, with Russia being  represented by three teams: the Falcons, Knights and Swifts.

This year a particularly vast exhibition is devoted to military and civil helicopters, which are also performing demonstration flights.

Watch live broadcast from MAKS-2011 air show.

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