MAKS air show opening for general public

ZHUKOVSKY (Moscow region), August 19 (Itar-Tass) — The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 is opening for general public on Friday.

If during the first three days of its work only specialists were admitted to the airfield of the Gromov Flight Research Institute, then now all comers will be able to enjoy the flights of Russian and foreign aces, as well as learn about the latest achievements of the aerospace industry.

The air show directorate told Itar-Tass that the admission ticket price for any of the three coming days is 600 roubles if purchases at the entrance to the exhibition. In the period until August 18 tickets could be bought a hundred roubles cheaper. Children under 14 accompanied by an adult are admitted to the air show for free.

Special tickets are provided for fans of “spotting” – an amateur quality photography of aircraft. “For them there is a special media platform, which is located near the runway, and visitors can get there by a special ticket, which costs 9,000 roubles if purchases before August 16 and 11,000 roubles if purchased on the visiting day,” the source said.

As for the program prepared for the “Days of Mass Attendance,” it will be even larger than during the first three days. Viewers will be able to see dozens of passenger, transport and military aircraft on static display, as well as to enjoy breathtaking flights of Russian and foreign aces in the Moscow region’s sky.

It should be noted that according to Rosgidromet forecast, no heat that has complicated the work of the air show participants is expected in the area of Zhukovsky outside Moscow on Friday. The air temperatures are to keep at 21 degrees Celsius above zero. However, the weathermen do not rule out a little rain.

The International Aviation and Space salon MAKS is a rightful occupant of a leading position in the ratings of major world aviation forums. The very idea of the MAKS lies in demonstrating Russian high technologies and domestic market openness to joint ventures with the use of foreign partners’ cutting-edge advances, according to the event’s website.

MAKS is held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, being traditionally opened by the President of the Russian Federation. This is the warranty of superior organisation and authoritative participants. During the show, top civil servants are open for business contacts. For all those engaged in aerospace business the air show is a unique opportunity to get the first-hand information on the standpoints of decision-makers whose position can have an impact on key issues of developing and selling aircraft and their weapons, as well as on cooperation in these fields.

MAKS provides participants with the most comprehensive understanding of the Russian aerospace industry’s priorities and advances. MAKS Air Show is the only place where one could see aircraft and weapons system prototypes as well as experimental systems that cannot be shown abroad due to some or other reasons.

MAKS provides experts and businessmen a rare opportunity to establish contacts at various levels, further development of RD and production cooperation and search for new business partners. The role the MAKS plays as a generator of new alliances and promising concepts has been recognised worldwide.

MAKS is held in the town of aircraft science and technology – Zhukovsky – at the airfield of the major national testing facility – Gromov Flight Research Institute. The participants in the show will be able to visit nearby major research, production and experimental organisations of Russia.

High on MAKS agenda are scientific conferences and symposia held under the auspices of the Russian national research centre – TSAGI. The events enable scientists and experts to trade their idea concerning topical aerospace issues of the present and past.

According to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, “The development of aircraft building and space exploration is an undoubted priority for us today. This is because we associate our plans for diversification of the economy and building up its high technology sector with the development of the space industry and aviation. We stand committed to allocating serious investments and serious resources for aviation building and the space industry, and forming truly competitive companies and enterprises that can win a niche in the market and generate and attract resources for modernization and retrofitting. In developing our own aerospace industry, we are ready for broad cooperation with our partners.”

“I am sure that interesting contracts and broader business connections await the MAKS participants and that the meetings in the Moscow area will bring new opportunities for many of the participants,” Putin said.

On Thursday, the program of demonstration flights on the third day of the MAKS -2011 air show was concluded with the performance of planes of the times of the Second World War. About one hour before the closure of the business day at the air show, reconstructed planes of the times of the Second World War, legendary I-16, MiG-3 and Po-2 appeared in the skies, performing aerobatics for some 40 minutes.

The program of the show for the day was fulfilled completely, although there was a minor incident involving a plane of Latvia’s Baltic Bees group. The world’s biggest airliner, Airbus A380, was flown. Sukhoi Superjet-100 and the fighter of the fifth generation T-50 (PAK FA) also performed. Those watching the show broke out in spontaneous applause when the amphibious Be-200 plane discharged streams of water the colours of the Russian flag. Pilots of the Russian Falcons group and pilots of transport and military helicopters also showed their skills.

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