MAKS offers sneak peek at future of aviation

Global buyers and flying fanatics taxi up for the best that aviation has to offer at Moscow’s International MAKS air show where over 100 planes are taking part in a skyline showcase.

­Billions of dollars’ worth of aircraft sales are likely to be inked over the next few days as the international air show takes off for its second day.

The biggest and the fastest vary from world’s largest cargo plane, the AN-225 Mria, and its biggest passenger plane, Airbus’ A-380, to strategic fighter jets.

One of the most-anticipated events today will be the first public performance of Sukhoi’s T-50 (PAK FA) 5th generation fighter stealth jet with unprecedented missile munitions.

The 10th MAKS air show on the outskirts of Moscow is a truly international event with all the world’s major plane manufacturers present – as well as companies from America, France, Italy and many others.

­Later today a re-enactment of the Battle for Moscow will see 10 vintage Soviet twin-prop aircraft rise into the skies in an evocation of the air battle that unfolded over Moscow many decades ago.

­Pilot Patrick Tarrish of the US Air Force is in Russia to show America’s Fi15 and F-16 planes and meet Russian colleagues. He says it would be fascinating to see the T-50, Russia’s response to America’s first 5th-generation fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor.

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