Medvedev Urges Measured Response to Protests

The government should adapt to changes in society and not just “switch off Twitter” in the event of civil unrest, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

“I think here we should apply a general scope of conduct appropriate to the situations that arise, wherever that may be, whether in New York, London or Moscow,” Medvedev said at the International Law Forum in St. Petersburg.

“Everyone has to adapt, not just stiffen penalties or switch off Twitter during civil unrest,” he said. “Nobody is perfect, but we have to adapt to the new world,” Medvedev added.

The prime minister also noted the need to address events in Europe, Russia and the Arab world.

“The theme of human rights protection is essential, critical and interesting in today’s world, taking into account the complex processes occurring in Europe, in our country, in the Arab East and in other countries,” Medvedev said, adding that this is the task of the judicial system and the state, governed by the rule of law.


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