Moscow Mayor Lauds Metro Expansion

Moscow will no longer need new metro stations after 2020 when a large-scale expansion of the city’s subway system is completed, city Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Monday.

By 2020, the Moscow metro, whose beautifully appointed stations are tourist attractions in their own right, will be extended by 145.5 km (about 90 miles) of rail lines and equipped with 67 new stations. The city will spend over trillion rubles (some $33 billion) extending the capital city’s subway, which is already one of the world’s largest.

“By 2020, when the project if finished, there will be no need to build new stations,” Sobyanin said.

Currently, the total length of the Moscow metro, opened in 1935, comes to 305.5 km on 12 lines with 185 stations. It is the second-most heavily used rapid transit system in the world after Tokyo’s subway.


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