Moscow Mosques ‘Out of Reach’ to Extremists

MOSCOW, November 12 (RIA Novosti) – Religious extremists have no possibility of spreading propaganda in Moscow’s mosques, the Council of Russian Muftis said on Monday, after members of a radical Islamic group were arrested while trying to recruit members in the capital.

“Islamic organizations affiliated with the Council of Russian Muftis, the clergy and employees of Moscow mosques are doing all their can to prevent any illegal activities, especially those aimed at undermining stability and security,” the council said in a statement.

People other than the clergy have “no access to public address systems in the mosques,” it said.

Russian Muslims “completely support the efforts of law enforcement agencies to ensure security in the country,” the council added.

The statement comes after six suspected members of the Islamic Revival Party members were detained earlier on Monday for allegedly recruiting volunteers in the city’s mosques.

Police said they had searched the suspects’ premises, and found nine grenades, weapons, ammunition, extremist literature and guides to recruiting people and spreading radical Islam. The investigation is ongoing.


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