No defects found in An-24 that makes crash landing in Blagoveshchensk

MOSCOW, August 19 (Itar-Tass) —— The Antonov An-24 plane, which made a crash landing in Blagoveshchensk on August 8, had no technical defects, the Interstate Aviation Committee said. Fifteen out of 36 people aboard were hurt in the event.

Technical defects and inferior jet fuel had been a key theory of the crash landing.

“Data from the flight recorder shows that all systems of the plane were operating normally. The examination of plane parts and units did not reveal any defects,” the committee said.

Experts said that the entire damage was done by the plane’s collision with threes and the ground.

“The plane control system was in order. Both engines were operating normally until the plane hit the ground. Electric and other systems were also functioning,” the committee said.

It was pouring heavily, strong winds were blowing and visibility was extremely limited when the plane made the landing. It hit the ground, and the undercarriage and the left wing fell off and the right wing and engines were destroyed. There were plenty of holes in the fuselage as well. Experts said the plane could not be restored.

A criminal case was opened. Detectives questioned the crew and seized technical documentation, the flight plan and flight recorders.

The plane was built 35 years ago and operated abroad for many years.


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