Operation Uncovers 2,600 Illegal Moscow Migrants

Employees of Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) found 2,600 illegal migrants in Moscow during their Operation Illegal, Federal Migration Service spokesperson Zalina Kornilova said on Tuesday.

Operation Illegal was carried out in Russia between May 10 and May 31.

“More than 2600 citizens were found to have been violating migration laws, and about 500 people have already been deported from the country,” Kornilova said, adding that 20.7 million rubles in fines had been imposed.

FMS employees mostly checked meat-processing plants, restaurants, clothing factories, construction sites and dormitories. Migration service employees also checked a former clinic in North West Moscow where more than 60 of 250 foreigners were found to be in Russia illegally, after Moscow Police had previously reported about 400 illegal migrants living in the building.


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