Rolling Stone: Podesta and Friends Think They’ve Defeated Pizzagate

You crazy conspiracy theorists ruined Podesta’s life and the lives of his friends and now you’re going to pay!

Rolling Stone:

Podesta is easily forgiven for having little time for his tormentors. Since 2016, he has been the victim of a deranged and viral conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate. The theory — which has its roots in the emails stolen from his personal account by Russian hackers and dumped online by WikiLeaks — claimed that Podesta was a pedophile and that he, Hillary Clinton and a Washington, D.C., restaurateur named James Alefantis ran a child sex-trafficking ring from the basement of Alefantis’ pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong.

It’s funny.

To this day, I have never seen anyone disprove or explain away some of the disturbing facts unearthed by Pizzagate.

On its face, Pizzagate was insane, with zero basis in reality. Yet in the frenzied days after Donald Trump’s election, it caught fire on social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and 4Chan, metastasizing into a story so twisted and bizarre that it radicalized online trolls and traumatized others who, through no fault of their own, had gotten sucked into the conspiracy.

Lol, no one believes you lying faggots anymore.

Two years ago this month, Pizzagate reached its grim apex when a 28-year-old man stormed into Comet Ping Pong with a revolver and an AR-15 on a mission to save the “children.” Edgar Maddison Welch had binge-watched YouTube videos about Pizzagate and tried to recruit friends for his rescue mission. “Raiding a pedo ring, possibly sacraficing [sic] the lives of a few for the lives of many,” he texted one friend a few days before he got in his Prius and drove from his home in North Carolina to Washington.

This man is flat-out creepy – and he ran Hillary’s campaign

Customers and employees fled the restaurant as Welch fired several rounds into a locked closet full of computer gear, searching for the infamous child sex dungeon in Comet’s basement, which he never found — not least because the pizzeria doesn’t even have a basement. No one was hurt, and Welch surrendered to the police, hands on his head, in broad daylight in the street outside of Comet. He was later sentenced to four years in federal prison.

Even after the arrest, Pizzagate lived on. The day after Welch stalked into Comet, Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of Trump’s first national security adviser, tweeted: “Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story.” An Economist/YouGov poll in late December 2016 found that 46 percent of Trump voters and 17 percent of Clinton voters thought Pizzagate was real. A few months later, a small rally of Pizzagate believers took place outside the White House.Protesters have stood outside Comet carrying blown-up photos of Alefantis’ god-daughter taken from his social media accounts. Strangers online have threatened to torture, rape and kill him.

Pizzagate really resonated with people. It explained what a lot of people intuitively believe about our ruling class – that they’re a bunch of homos and child molesters. Boomers in particular seemed to like Pizzagate. As usual, they shy away from frank talk of Jews, but if you frame things in terms of “Secret Pedophile Circles” and “the Deep State,” they actually really like this conspiracy talk.

Boomer-whisperers like Alex Jones have figured out the formula and that’s why they’re so successful.

Speaking of whom, this story isn’t really even about Podesta – even though it all started with his emails getting Wikileak’d. The story is more about Alefantis – the pedo pizza joint owner – and how he put the screws on Alex Jones.

Think about it, a man who never found a conspiracy theory he didn’t like decided to back down on one of the only conspiracy theories that actually had some legs.

The only real strategy, Alefantis realized, was a legal strategy. He would have to get aggressive with the loudest proponents of Pizzagate, people like Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, who had run multiple broadcasts with titles like “Pizzagate Is Real” and “Pizzagate: The Bigger Picture.”

Gradually, in the months after the gunman showed up, Jones and others seemed to bow to legal pressure and backed away from Pizzagate. On March 24th, 2017, Jones published online and read on-air a lengthy statement in which he apologized to Alefantis, announced that he had removed past broadcasts about Pizzagate and admitted that those stories were based on “an incorrect narrative.”

Neither Alefantis nor his lawyers would further comment on any interactions with Jones or on any possible settlement.  

That’s one of the ways to assure the people that nothing fishy is going on, right? Commission a Rolling Stone story to reach a wide Boomer audience and brag about how you got Alex Jones to back down from covering the story. Yeah, just use your vast resources and connections as a pizza owner to flex on an alternative media host and then brag to everyone about how you shut down the discussion, without addressing any of the accusations.

Needless to say, this is just a victory lap. 

None of these well-connected leftists want to debate anymore. They just shut everything they don’t like down. The media covers up their crimes and insinuates that anyone who doubts the official narrative is insane.

Pizzagate is no exception.