Passengers from plane making rough landing brought to Khabarovsk

KHABAROVSK, August 9 (Itar-Tass) — Sixteen passengers from an An-24 plane that made a rough landing in Blagoveshchensk on Monday were brought to Khabarovsk, the place of destination, on a reserve plane of IrkutskAERO carrier overnight to Tuesday.

Several people refused to fly to Khabarovsk and went there by train.

Experts and all people on board the plane say it was a miracle that there were no casualties. The plane touched down 200 meters away from the runway and its destructions are beyond repair. Its left wing was torn off, the right wing was broken and the undercarriage was damaged.

According to the Amur region department of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, 12 people were seriously injured, including a child. They were all rushed to hospital. Several people had fractures, but medics say their lives are not in danger. Psychologists helped the passengers cope with stress.

The plane performed a flight from Irkutsk to Khabarovsk with stopovers in Chita and Blagoveshchensk. Preliminary reports said that because of poor visibility and a strong wind the plane departed from the assigned trajectory and missed the runway when landing.


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