Phelps ‘having fun’ in Moscow

The most decorated still-active sportsman in the world, American star swimmer Michael Phelps, is in Moscow taking part in a World Cup stage. Despite not having had much time to look around, he says he is having fun in the Russian capital.

“For me it’s the first time in Russia. So I was looking forward to taking in everything, being able to come out into the city, see other buildings, check out where the 1980 Olympics were, you know. This was obviously a cool and fun experience for me. Hopefully, I can take in as much as I can,”

Phelps told

“Hopefully with the [US] team we’ll be able to travel around and see Red Square and other big attractions here in Moscow,” he noted.

“Two years ago I swam in a couple of World Cups, but I didn’t swim as fast as I wanted to. Now I think I’m in a lot better shape than I was then, and if come in with some faster times I will be happy and satisfied,” he said before adding, “The last couple of weeks we’ve had good training and I just want to see where we stand right now.”

So far the American star is yet to amaze the Moscow crowd. On Tuesday, he failed to qualify for the 100-meters freestyle final. Then again, the whole tournament is before him.

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