Policemen to raise their juridical knowledge for more efficient work

VOLOGDA, August 14 (Itar-Tass) — It is necessary to raise the level of education and juridical knowledge for police officers for more successful solution of tasks, put forth before police, said Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev at a meeting of police officers in Vologda on Sunday.

He noted that many policemen have technical and even medical education, but not juridical.

“The question pops up. We must protect and mould legal understanding of citizens. But how can we resolve these tasks without juridical education? As a result, having no education, a police officer cannot explain people their rights and duties,” Nurgaliev said. In the minister’s opinion, this means that a police officer fulfils inadequately his duties to some extent.

“We should start studying: the law on service in police raises demands on the level of education. We don’t need paper Magians, we need practical workers,” Nurgaliev emphasised.

The minister also called on policemen to emulate veteran policemen of the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945.

A rank-and-file man should be in the centre of policeman’s attention, he emphasised. “Regrettably, let us admit that we have unjustifiably forgotten people over the past two decades, who need our defence,” Nurgaliev continued.

He noted that the style of work, developed in the 1990s, presupposed mostly work with papers; and the volume of written papers rather than assistance to citizens was the criterion for appraising work of police bodies. Hence, some misunderstanding by society, Nurgaliev claimed.

“Let us remember veterans who came after the Victory in 1945. They saw death and setbacks and were always sincere in rendering assistance. This should be a standard of our work now,” the minister concluded.

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