RF penitentiary watchdog rejects mutiny reports at detention ward.

MOSCOW, August 27 (Itar-Tass) —— The Moscow branch of the Federal Penitentiary Service rejected some media reports about a mutiny, which allegedly broke out at the Butyrka detention center overnight to Saturday.

The public supervisory committee has examined the Butyrka detention center number two and the keeping conditions of inmates, the press service of the Moscow branch of the Russian penitentiary watchdog reported on Saturday. “No traces of looting, burnt mattresses, damaged equipment in the cells and broken windows were found in the inspection. The suspects, the accused and convicts did not make any complaints or claims to the authorities of the detention center,” the press service reported.

“Only the case of cries and noise in several cells was confirmed. This incident was caused by the fact that two convicts, which enjoy some influence in the criminal world, were brought to the isolation cell for blatant and numerous violations of the prison rules. The convicts in several cells also decided to support these mafia bosses with the cries and the knocking of the utensils on the bars that caused some anxiety among dwellers of the houses in the immediate proximity from the detention center,” the press service said.

The Russian penitentiary watchdog noted that the incident lasted ten minutes, after that the inmates were disciplined. “No physical force and special devices were used,” the press service reported.

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