Right Cause hopes to attract 10,000 members before elections

MOSCOW, August 18 (Itar-Tass) —— In the near future the membership of the Right Cause party is to increase by ten thousand, the head of the party’s Executive Committee, Andrei Dunayev, said at a meeting with a group of experts of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, ODIHR.

“Over the past few months the party greatly renewed itself. Already now the Right Cause has 65,000 members,” he informed.

According Dunayev the Right Cause will approach the elections as a new political force enjoying respect.

He derived this conclusion from the resistance the party was confronted with.

“The election race has not started yet, but the advertising campaign of Mikhail Prokhorov’s social project Made in Russia is being hindered,” Dunayev said. “This is nothing but a desire to prevent growth in the popularity of the leader of the Right Cause. In several regions local bosses have begun to remove posters and put pressures on the advertising companies. This is nothing but an attempt to prevent growth in the popularity of the Right Cause leader.”

Dunayev said that during the upcoming elections the party would be fully aware of “possible complications that will arise during the campaign.” In this regard, the head of the Executive Committee expressed the hope for the transparency and clarity of the upcoming elections.

As the press-service of the Right Cause told Itar-Tass, after the current visit the ODIHR plans to prepare a report on the status of Russia’s electoral system on the eve of the Duma campaign and proposals for the format of monitoring.


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